Sumner Newscow – temporary status

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Well, if you are reading this then you probably don’t need to ask how was our weekend.

We are currently having server issues, and the problem is perplexing to both we here at Sumner Newscow and those who are working the server from the other end. We are unable to log in and therefore unable to post stories. It’s kind of like locking your keys in the car with the motor running. 

As we continue with trying to solve this issue, I have set-up this personal blog, to keep the news published. This is only temporary. But every story will go on here and be linked through the Sumner Newscow Facebook business page. The business page is Please press “like. If you know of friends who are asking, please urge them to “like” the business page or link to this website until the problem is fixed.

My deepest apologies for any inconveniences. I’ll inform you as quickly as possible on the Sumner Newscow business page and this blog once this issue is resolved. Thanks!

– Tracy McCue, CEO of Sumner Newscow.


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